Wanted Dead or Alive: Color Dyes

I just realized, I haven't seen anywhere to dye my gear.. or vendors that do that for us... everyone kinda looks the same. And that makes me a sad panda. Hopefully i'm just overlooking something. =)

I want Fire Squirrel Orange dye!


  1. When you get to Meridian, there's a Dye Vendor. Also, Apothecary is the profession you'd want for making your own dye that vendors don't sell.

  2. There's a dye vendor in cities! In Meridian, it's where all the vendors are in the plaza.

    Apothecary profession also allows you to make dyes that you can't seem to buy from the vendors. That's the other profession I've picked up, but I'm still pretty low. So far I think I can only craft Cyan and Dark Cyan...

  3. Capital city have a dye vendor.

    João Carlos

  4. Capital cities have dye vendors for primary and secondary colors!

  5. @all Thank you all! Is there Fire Squirrel orange tho? ;D