Insomnia part 2

I gave Deus Ex:Human Revolution an honest attempt but I've found out that its not my type of game, and that is unfortunate, b/c it is a great game. I imagine that if you like games such as Splinter Cell or Assassin's Creed, it would be up your alley. It made me realize, and my best friend reminded me of it, that i'm more of a berzerker than a ninja.
A kamikaze!
I may have light footsteps and am quiet but the similarities stop there; I don't have the patience in Deus Ex (and maybe games in general) to wait and just watch an opponent. I want to run in there and get my hands dirty. It also sucks that when you do trigger an alarm in the game, you need to be extremely precise and not go wild with you ammo. I'd come in guns blazing, ready with a melee weapon when everything is exhausted.  
I totally understand this comic now.
I didn't like how the game guided you to expand your skills to be stealthy and a hacker, while there were boss fights that required you to have alot of toughness, big weapons, or play very craftey and wear down the opponent. Its funny; even on the easiest difficulty in DE:HR, you will die after being shot about 5 times, and about the same for normal (armored)enemies. But then you face the boss, which just means they are more augmented (see: less flesh, more metal) and they will take 10+ shots to the head of a shotgun.

I think ill just stick with waiting for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

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