Jasey Rae Photo Session

Had a fantastic day today. Had my first official photo shoot.

7+ hours.
595 photos.
Strobes, umbrellas, lights.
Makeup, curling irons, heels.
Countless outfits.

I learned a few things today:
- you should know your model; special features, tattoos, personality
- lighting is so critical; without it, you shouldn't waste your time (or your options are limited)
- have a large mental repertoire of angles and posed you want your model to do

- clean your surroundings; no loose pop cans or containers that distract the eye
- watch out for loose backdrops; they tend to get rumpled and will be a distraction too
- bring snacks and drinks
- bring a fan; to cool you, your model and provide an air source for flying hair
- extension cords are important
- bring all your lens; I found zoom lens were much more versatile than prime
- get that 'ladder-box' so you can change your angle of shot
- bring music! something to get your model going
- be vocal, give praise loudly and coach your model in doing positive things
- use the time when the model is being prepared by the makeup artist to get the lights and next set ready

Will be posting more photos here, but the bulk on my Deviant Art website.
Hope you're all having a great weekend too! 

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