I was reading Bronte's article on heirlooms in WoW and it got me thinking..

1. Do you like the idea of heirlooms in games?
I think its a cool idea but a character shouldn't be fully equipped with them. One or two pieces, per character, max, should a character have. It would be better if we could start with a heirloom item right from character creation.
My Heirloom
2. How would you like it implemented?
Quest-based. Every milestone (5/10 levels) you'd need to do an interesting personal story quest that would enable your heirloom to contine to grow in strength.
Experience-based. Wearing the gear while gaining experience would be tracked and would increase in strength. Experience could be meeting certain requirements (kill 10 bears while equipped, or completed "named" quest, defeat boss of this dungeon). Being that alot of us are achievement oriented, this would be something we'd do.

3. If you had a choice, would you heirloom a weapon or armor?
I would heirloom... a weapon.


  1. That image does not look like a weapon. Unless you put it in a sock, and then hit a sleeping guy in the groin with it.

  2. @Bronte lol yea; heirlooms to me is something you'd use every day, and I have a black hoop necklace like that one that I use every day :)