PvE Scenarios

I was reading (yes! Its been a busy month or so) Hunter's entry and he talks about WoW's own interpretation of public quests. I personally haven't read up too much about WoW's new expansion, mostly b/c I don't intend on playing it and thus don't care, but the descriptor of "PvE Scenarios" piqued my interest.

Instead of having PQ's that was an amazing way to tell a story and get people to work together without knowing it, (that eventually dwindled due to high emphasis on pvp in WAR), what happens when you make it something you queue for in an instanced situation? It adds a new layer to the game that creates a fun, engaging environment; I loved PQs in WAR and am very glad its being translated into all MMOs now, but was disappointed when they werent being used in higher levels.

By making people queue for an instanced PQ, you get the necessary amount of people that can do something they enjoy doing. The drawback being is that it is instanced and not part of the game world and that you need to possibly wait a few minutes for one to pop is a small price to pay. Countless times in WAR, when you're in even tier 3, the pve area is deserted; everyone was in the pvp area where the rewards were much greater.

I believe in most mmo's these days, the rewards are greatest in pvp closely followed by raid rewards. Although PvE Instanced (PQ) rewards would be quite lower than either of those, I would still be greatly interested in taking part in that and would be my main source of recreation

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