The Last Day

Since it feels like I haven't blogged in ages.. another one..
When I went to the Toronto Fan Expo a month or so ago, it was the same day that my girl friend ended up in the hospital. It wasn't life-threatening, but still pretty serious. I wanted to get her something that would cheer her up ... and I ended up getting fleeced. You think its a good deal, but then you go to some Chinese strip mall and they have the same thing for 70% cheaper... guh.


  1. When I lived in Toronto I went to the Fan Expo every year, but only to get my comics signed and sketches from the artists (and the occasional autograph from Star Wars guests, when they have them). Yeah, you get fleeced on the merch :P

  2. Ouch dude, talk about a Chinese intervention. You know what they say. God made the world in six days. China did the rest.

    I sincerely hope your ladyfriend is doing better?

  3. @Bronte yeah; she's doing better thanks :)