Choose your Guild!

 Some screenies of the Return to Ravnica (RTR).. so like I previously said, the first set will have Azorius (white/blue), Rakdos, Golgari, Selesnya and Izzet. While the second set will have the other 5 guilds.. (containing my favorites: Simic and Gruul).
When you go to the prerelease, you'll pick your guild and you'll get the appropriate boosters and guild paraphernalia. Depending on the cards, it'll be a tough choice between Simic and Gruul.. though ill most likely take Simic. I don't particularly like any of the guilds in the first set.. I did make a great black/green deck a long time ago that countered my friend's infect deck. I think if I would pick a guild for the first set prerelease, it would be Selesnya or Golgari for the green side cards.

What guild would you pick? Think you will go to this prerelease?

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