Danger Zone!

With the Magic 2013 Core Set officially out, Mark Rosewater, a Head Designer for Wizards blew his mind out and spewed tons of juicy information on the upcoming set: Return to Ravnica. Like I said before, totally loving the flavor and the theme and everything about the original Ravnica: City of Guilds design. For those that don't know, its a world covered by one massive city and has 10 different guilds which is a combination of 2 different mana colors. Each has their own special mechanics and feel to it. Their own legendary leaders and captains. My favorite guilds was the Boros Legion for the Red/White (new Vigilance Deck) militaristic orderly bent, but from the two colors that I use most often, I would be on Gruul (Red/Green: Om nom nom Devour) and Simic (Green/Blue: Release the kraken!!!). Extremely excited about it.

Mark Rosewater made me wet my pants from the tweets he made yesterday on the new set:

"All ten guilds are returning in the Return to Ravnica block. Each guild will get a new keyword. No old guild keywords are coming back. "
- fantastic; not sitting on your laurels and reusing major parts which made Ravnica great. Keep innovating

"Return to Ravnica will be a large set coming out this fall. It will feature 5 guilds (Azorius, Rakdos, Selesnya, Izzet & Golgari."
- the original first part of the block of Ravnica had Boros(r/w), Golgari(g/b), Selesnya(g/w) and Dimir (b/u)

"Gatecrash is the name of the 2013 winter set. It too will be a large set with 5 guilds (Dimir, Gruul, Orzhov, Boros & Simic)."
- my most favorite guilds R/G, U/G, R/W.. all in one set.. Winter Is Coming!

"For RTR & GTC prereleases, you choose a guild. You will then get a guild prerelease pack - a box w/ 5 RTR packs & 1 guild booster."
- ok Mark, you did it. I am now OFFICIALLY going to my first prerelease party ever. I'm a bit VERY shy when it comes to public competition events, but this just convinced me. I'm going. For sure.

This may be the next big thing. My bar is set so high! *whimper*

Its always good to read up at the Daily MTG site; articles like this one will give you insight to why an innocuous card like Smelt is actually much better than say... Shatter.

Also something that I now understand from the article. This card is a 'sudden death time' card and gives that epic red spell feel.

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