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Lets have an actual entry than what I like to do when I have nothing else to say: post big pictures. Lol.

Haven't been playing much of anything other than Diablo 3 for the first time in 2 weeks and the new Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (Dotp 2013). Some random thoughts:

- absolutely hate Diablo 3 requirement to be online all the time. Sure it cuts down on cheaters, but my slow internet connection is the reason why I've played only once (and maybe only for an hour) in the past 2 weeks. I want to get Guild Wars 2 but am thinking carefully on whether I should waste my time on it and be permanently upset due to lag.

- its still nice to play Diablo 3 vs Skyrim, b/c you can still just pickup and go; you don't need to remember what you last did and whether you like the way the character is built/equipped.

- while the cards in MTG 2013 core set are much more interesting in recent memory than any other core set, the Dotp 2013 is really annoying. 

- Dotp 2013; bug infested (your own creatures committing kamikaze attacks when its NOT your turn)

- Dotp 2013; timers going unnaturally fast, meaning you miss out on getting to do what you want.

- Dotp 2013; cheap pc player; enuf said

- Dotp 2013; Planechase mode is interesting which has a global big card and a dice that makes it more luck based than skill (double edged sword). Its still pretty cool.

- possibly the only good thing about Dotp is that after everything is resolved (ie. Damage), your opponent won't decide to (basically mulligan and) cast a spell which totally changes the outcome.  

- I really want a Dotp game where you get a finite set of cards and make your own deck. I know there is the online game which can allow you to do that, but i'd prefer a contained 'offline' game.
Lorthos currently occupies my desktop wallpaper as my new Kraken deck is quite the juggernaut... atleast in testing. Go here for all the MTG wallpapers!

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