Tighter Control

Lets talk about something different.
Earlier this week there was a shooting in the east end of Toronto which killed 2 people and injured about 14. Just last night with the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises, there was a shooting in Colorado which resulted in 14 people dead and about 50 injured. My condolences for all affected.

There has been alot of talk about how to solve and avoid tradegies such as this:

- have more afterschool activities for at risk teens

- create more jobs 

- tighter gun control

- (more american response) allow more concealed weapons for people

Each has their own merit.. I wonder what is best for each situation.


I started a new blog with my girlfriend if you want to take a look. Before I Do.
Its a blog on questions a couple should explore before getting engaged/married. Kinda like questions one would go through in a marriage prep course at church.

I can see this will be difficult... in that now ill be managing and writing for 3 different blogs..

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