Continuing Education

After 4 photoshoots in 3 days, I have 1.2k new photos to go through. I've learnt alot more things which I'd like to share:

- whenever you're looking for something.. you normally won't be able to find it
-- couldn't find 1) my prop box, 2) the head for my umbrella flash kit, 3) a rosary prop

- music is important to creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere
-- lacked music in photoshoot 1&2; luckily my stylist used her laptop to stream music

- always check all your equipment to make sure everything is there and works
-- the lighting equipment that I borrowed from my friend was missing the sync cable and one of the cords' third prong was broken

- when shooting women atleast, make sure you include their feet/shoes in your shots

- directing can be a tough thing to learn about doing photos with models; my only advice is that do whatever makes you comfortable and the great news is that it becomes easier the more you do it

- having food; snacks and drinks for everyone (models, stylists, friends, etc) helps put people at ease

- the first couple (lol 50) photos may not turn out too well as the model and you are becoming acquanted with each other; once you start to click, the photos turn out better

- use a flash when taking photos of the model when outdoors
-- otherwise they'll have a dark(or overly lit) face if not properly posed

- bring a reflector/diffuser when you're outside
-- otherwise people will squint in the harsh light

- outside photography may be more fun for some people, but you have to work with fickle light/sun


  1. Ohh this sounds interesting. Now you made me wonder, why exactly do you need to include women's feet in your photos? :D

    1. Usually they're wearing nice shoes which draws the eyes and makes a complete photo. Pointed toes also seems to create a more feminine (lithe maybe?)shot as well. =)