Thursday Musings

For my best friend, Hunter, who I think would appreciate a woman like this ;)

I bought Terraria 2 days before the Steam Summer sale and although I paid 7$ more than I could have, it was still worth it. Very sandbox-ey. My kind of crafting game.
The first thing anyone should learn how to do is to make a house. This will protect you during the first few nights when zombies will come at you relentlessly and your weapons are too weak. Check this vid which does a good job. As long as its not the Blood Moon, zombies cannot break through doors.

A good thing for newbies is to go to the Settings and set Auto Pause to On so that while you craft or check your inventory, monsters or slimes don't constantly interrupt you.

Lastly, there is a point to making better quality tools (pickaxe, axe, hammer); the better the quality, the faster you can harvest materials.

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