Borderlands 2: A Bazillion Reasons

I highly recommend Skyrim to any serious RPG enthusiast; huge wide open world, hundreds of npcs and quests, thousands of ways to customize your character. In depth character skill trees, player housing, a slew of potential followers. Dragons!

The pc version is unfortunately not very stable which prevented me from adding 200+ (not kidding) more hours than I wanted; my version kept crashing to desktop at a high frequency rate. If this is happening to you, i'd recommend the thing that 'seemed' to fix it *now I cross my fingers this doesn't jinx me*:
Sound settings:
Control Panel>Sound>Playback>Properties>Advanced: Set the default format to: 16bit 44hz

Beautiful Vistas! 

Without much more ado, more Borderlands cosplay to get us more excited for tomorrow's release!

Bandit, Hunter & Siren

Wide Angle lens possibly used.

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