SaveCoH: You can't take the sky from me

But you can take away my game..

I don't know why I do it; no matter how much I like the blogger, I shouldn't read posts of #savecoh. B/c then i'm tempted to read addition articles of more passionate people and then the real juicy parts are within comments of the trolls and fanboys. Then I start to have my own thoughts & opinions and they demand to be written out. Prove the last point of this entry by commenting about it.

If you're not in the gaming industry (exec or accounting), in particular, the company (NCsoft)itself, your opinions and facts (of the viability of the game) have significantly less weight. No matter how 'true'.

20k petitions via an online petition doesn't seem that impressive; it is incredibly easy to fabricate information and details. If I want to be unique, I have 5 family members, so there are 5 unique names, and I have 5 emails, so there we go with 5 different reasons. And if I was as passionate as the people out there, I wouldn't stop at 5 fake signatures, I'd spend my whole time doing it. I'm quite sure there is less than 1k real signatures on the list. Its the double-edged sword of the internet. Now if they had 1 million signatures, THAT would be impressive, but only for the fact that people spent so much time thinking up fake people's names, email addresses and sob story reasons.

Heh; I like reading the reasons to why its important to people. Lets just stop right here. Lets be realistic.. why would a faceless corporation care about any of the reasons? The only thing that NCsoft would want to see is 20k signed petitions of REAL people saying "I'm willing to pay 20$ a month to keep it going, and here it is for 2 years in advance. Here is my legit bank account, please take my money." Why would they (NCsoft)waste money paying someone to go through such a petition otherwise? I see it sitting in a junk folder, or is insta-permanent-deleted. Maybe those execs use it for cheap laughs while on the sh!tter. Yes, bad PR for closing down Paragon.. but good PR for being the publisher Guild Wars 2.. hmmm.

(lets be overly generous)While NCsoft loses the business of a few thousand gamers 'forever,' there are hundreds of thousands more that are untapped. How faithful are friends/strangers when the next big game is put infront of them? Answer: They're not; no matter what their friends say, or how loud the internet is from certain select groups, people will want to play the game even if the company had negative pr experience with a previous title. Will these ex-coh people stop gaming altogether and go back to reality? No; they'll just find some other game *coughCommunityisfluidandcanmovecough* to get attached to. I. Would. Absolutely. Love. To see what these people do that swear off gaming/games published by NCsoft. Answer: They'll end up play Guild Wars 2 but still complain.

If I knew my favorite game's servers were going to close in X amt of months, I would be out there playing, not doing in-game protests. Unless thats fun for you, then all the power to you. But to me, that doesn't seem fun or efficient use of my free time; its like the people that jump onto mailboxes and does the /dance emote so people pay attention to them.

Saw a twitter on how they're inviting the execs to play the game. I think they have better things to do, like roll around in money than play a game. Or maybe they're playing Guild Wars 2 or MoP like everyone else.

I was thinking about the argument of 'wait til your favorite game/passion is abruptly taken away from you, what then smarty pants?' The first real thing that came to mind was Firefly. Such a good show and sad that it didn't proceed past its first season. Think about it tho, some of those characters went onto very successful shows that would not have happened if it wasn't cancelled. Nathan Fillion is in Castle and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Gina Torres is in Suits (fantastic lawyer series). I recall seeing Adam Baldwin doing some other serious roles where he wasn't playing a low intelligence character. Why even Summer Glau was in The Big Bang Theory and the most recent episode of Alphas! Life goes on people.

How much time is wasted on this *makes large arm gestures at all of this #savecoh* when something more constructive could have been done in real life?

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