CoH: You've got Fan Mail!

I was thinking of individually replying to each comment for my previous entry, but .. there are just so many! Joking aside, I thought I may get a bit snarky and get downright rude to the last few people (from naturally needing to defend myself over and over). I really wish I had monetized my site so i'd profit from writing such a provoking article!.. Not that I wrote it to annoy people or piss them off; more to just get a different opinion on it all. 

First off, thank you for reading hopefully most of it, and thanks for (as MMO Gamerchick viewed it as) not just blasting me with just venom and hate but keeping it civil, providing valid opinions and data/numbers (although links to validate it is better) on why you believe the game deserves to continue. People who know me would agree that I tend to think way outside the box and I do sometimes get a bit blunt/don't sugarcoat my opinions which would result in such backlash. Its interesting what you all wrote and i'm not at all offended if there was venom or the odd "you're doing it wrong."

Some things:
- i've never played CoH; although i've watched my brother play it(in the past year or so). Was not interested in the type of mmo genre, nor the graphics. With that all said, my opinion (on everything) would still be the same if it was a game that I did play, currently played and/or enjoyed.

- I attempted to try to get actual facts and data on the game, failing to,  I tried to minimize writing any real numbers other than the 'how old the game is' part. Its more of a poke in jest rather than trying to stick you with a branding iron.

- I've obviously played many mmo's and understand how a great community makes and can break a game and that it provides an intangible value that companies may not scrutinize when making business decisions. I do believe a community can still move tho, and there are so many ways these days (FB, Twitter, forums, blogs, other games etc) to keep it going and find another way to connect.

- whether the data provided in comments (about revenue) is accurate or not, it is curious that a company would close the servers if it was THAT profitable. Its like having a cash cow; why get rid of it? Maybe 10 million minus all the expenses (to paraphrase from Simpsons: Oh won't somebody think of the expenses!) doesn't make it viable. Maybe the same amount of resources can be put elsewhere to create more value.

- I find boasting of a strong 'community' is rather subjective, and saying its different (than other mmo communities) is saying that its better than any other games' community. I raise my eyebrow at that constant argument. I'm quite sure people playing in other 'communties' wouldn't agree. But lets agree to disagree.. or not ;)

- My use of words probably wasn't best (in the previous entry)but it was due to what I read from the article; kind of fighting blind loyalty with my own brutal blunt opinion. I do know no one likes being told that what they are passionate about doesn't matter. I felt the entry (by Chris) implied that anyone that didn't agree with their point of view, was stupid and there is no other opinion that is right than theirs. I'd imagine there are more people that root for your cause than my realistic (aka: cynical lol) opinion, so I wouldn't feel the need to get in such a frenzy. But that is your right to do so. (hence 35+ comments and rising!..?)

I'm not here to continually argue with fans of CoH and refute your point of view and declare mine the best. That would be trolling and boring. Its not giving up to a large amount of responses (i'm actually surprised you found it or follow me), but just not interested in writing more about it. Despite my opinion that I think it is a lost cause, I (surprised?) do hope your passion is saved from 'extinction' and worst case scenario, some company makes a super-hero mmo that suits you & your community's needs. I purposely didn't write more than what I already wrote in my original entry, thinking that it would bore people, but as the case may be, it probably would have helped to be more clear!

Once again, thanks to all the comments, you've made me write way more than I wanted to.. thanksss

Keep fighting for what you believe in.  


  1. Thanks once again for writing on this. We realise that not everyone /will/ feel they can support the 'save' campaign, but that's ok. Before CoX was threatened with 'sunset' I don't think I realised just how important the game had become to me, and it's hard for people who don't face this happening to their game to understand how we feel.

    But hey, no such thing has bad publicity, right? :)

  2. A detailed analysis for the shutdown, including the profit numbers, can be found here:


  3. You mention that players of other MMORPGs may not agree with their community being worse than CoH's. Let me just say I've played something like 15 other MMORPGs, both old and new. From Vanguard SoH, EQ 1 and 2, WoW to SWG 1 and 2, and Anarchy online. I still have F2P accounts and pay accounts on mayny of them still.

    My experience spans all types I assure you. After all these years I can promise you, no game had a community that even approached the level CoH is/was on.

    @Too Good

  4. To Nate Downes:

    I believe those profit numbers posted on that website only take into account subscriptions, and not the paragon market dollars earned. (which still show a profit of 500,000 - 1,000,000 alone)

    @Too Good

  5. The subscription dollars are 500,000 - 1,000,000 alone I mean, I don't know the paragon market numbers, though i'm sure they are high.

  6. That's a more level post, we don't expect everybody to understand, much less aid us, but now at least you're not downright saying it's counterproductive. At worst it's just the way we want to spend the last months. You were maybe trying to save us, but you were sounding too know-it-all.

    Now I can thank you, thanks for speaking about us, thanks for clearing things up, thanks for letting us believe ! Just one more fight, just one more unlock !