Borderlands 2: Interactive Skill Tree

Lets go back to normal.

Did you like Chandler played by Matthew Perry from Friends? Go watch his new series Go On. I didn't like Friends, but I really like his new tv show. He's more wacky and impulsive. Not a moment that it slows down. It has heartwarming parts just like Community.

Also, check out The New Normal. The groom from The Hangover (1) is in it and surprisingly makes a really good gay character. I hope both tv series go ones for quite a while.


Loving this card.. picturing it to be a game-ENDER. Imagine drawing 4 Lava Axes or something that just pounds your opponent into oblivion.

Lastly.. Borderlands 2 comes out in less than 1 week now. Check this link for an interactive skill tree. Time to study and see which class suits my style.

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