Borderlands 2: The Question

If you have only 1 key to a chest that will give you 2 EPIC rarity items leveled to your current level, would you use it right away, wait til you're weaponry feels underleveled or wait til max level?

Oh Borderlands 2; I you're making me enjoy classes I thought i'd never like.. *hat tip*

Currently Loving:

- the ability to customize your character's head and outfit 

- the slot machine (which gives: money, eridium bars, weapons, shields, skins, or even a grenade) is HIGHLY addictive

- tons of different types of shields and grenade mods; some shields are incredibly strong, but decrease your health. Some at full power increases your first shot but decreases the shield by 10-15%. 

- the humor in the game is even better than before; there was one quest where you fight some sewer bandits that love pizza and have weapons similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Currently Disliking:

- solo difficulty; I find it pretty hard.. especially bosses. Enemies are incredibly smart and they stumble to the ground but limp away which makes you think they're dead, but they're not.

- not enough vending machines; you'll find your backfull frequently or running out of ammo


  1. Thank you for all of your coverage on Borderlands 2, JOMU! One of my coworkers from DISH bought it the day it came out and invited me over to play last night. The game is amazing. It’s everything I ever loved about the first game, only amped up a few notches! Sadly I can’t afford to run out and buy new games all the time like my friend, so instead, I added it to the top of my Blockbuster @Home rental queue and I should have it pretty soon. I can’t wait to get into the online co-op!

    1. online co-op is where its at; 100% more fun PER PERSON!