Mass Effect 2 - Finale

I finished the game at lvl 25.
Full Renegade
who previously in ME1 saved Wrex, let Ashley live, and saved the Council (I know, odd for a renegade)
Class: Adept focusing on Throw Field and AoE Incendary Grenade (fyi the grenade isn't that great)
Full Loyalty with all members (used them all equally except Kayne.. i mean Jacob, and Jack)
Favorite crew members: Mordin (he sings! funniest part ever!) and Grunt
Eliminated Samara and took Morinth
Acquired possibly 85% of all upgrades, purchased all ship upgrades and hence no casualties..
Collector's Station: Given to Cerberus to use against the Reapers..
Lost: Grunt (to flying swarm.. "GRUNT!!! well i have full loyalty.. he'll be back..".... he never came back), and Tali (who cares lol)
Didn't: explore every single planet for resources; its better than driving a maco, but still tedious grinding

Terminator Transformation: Before and After...

Highly disappointed: that Miranda (and many characters) have so little to talk about, during the main game and after the main game is done. I've had bigger and longer conversations with Joker than most of the other members. Miranda is a user; when she needs you, she talks to you, when she doesn't need you, she's "busy." Garrus keeps thinking that we're crazy to have interspecies relationships even though we already knocked boots.. that trip to the Collector base must have knocked him in the head and gave him amnesia.

Mass Effect 2 can be summed up as:
A long game that will seem short.
Gathering 4 members, a mission or two.. 3 more members.. some mining for upgrades.. Omega relay.. final mission.. annnd thats it.

It says 29hours but thats a completionist playthrough..

The game is extremely short. On my second playthrough as my Paragon Vanguard, i'm trying to blaze through and do as little as necessary and see how long that takes. I imagine about 6-8 hours tops. I really wish they maybe included a Horde Mode or Firefight Mode like GoW or ODST; I know that would seem like they're copying those game formulae, but that would extend the game play. Once I do one or two more playthroughs.. thats about it.. and ME2 gets shelved.

For me, this was the longest part, transition between parts of the ship ;)

Don't get me wrong, its still really good game; absolutely loved the characters, the storyline was good, the graphics are fantastic, the gameplay is better (now that i fixed my mouse issue), i like how they removed the Maco. The streamlining was good in regards to micromanagement of skills and gear.. though I'm the type of gamer that likes that micromanagement part.I'm still very glad that I got the PC version versus the 360 version even though I missed out on achievements. I'm quite sure it feels smoother and I know I had better accuracy and it was more convenient with hotkeys.

CIC and research screen

Besides the length of the game, and the conversation options between crew members.. i'm mixed on the limited ammo.. usually there is enough ammo lying around, but not enough to go crazy and be inaccurate. Its crucial at the beginning for shotgun users (probably moreso on snipers) as we only get 15 shots at the beginning..

Now the wait for ME3.

update: Vanguard is my playstyle with Charge and shotguns.. but i'm too kamikaze..

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