Free ME2 DLC - Cerberus Gear

Armor with non-removable helmet (for those that care)
Stats: increased heavy ammo 10%
Increased shields and health by 10%
- doesn't look as nice as Dragon Armor, but better if you use heavy ammo more often or want an increase in shields
- might be a nice change of pace than the DA armor
- its free

Eviscerator Shotgun
- supposed to have armor piercing.. can't tell whether the armor-piercing skill stacks or whether it doesn't make an impact
- can't tell the numerical value for damage
- 3 shot (out of 27 when upgraded) clips vs 5 on the katana and 1 on the krogan shotgun
- the armor piercing is good, but i do like guns with greater clips
- once again, its free

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