Its interesting: feeling the need to hit max level in a game that no longer interests me.
I'm extremely excited to play some more of the new Magic the Gathering game, pay 10$ and get a new Fallout: New Vegas expansion.

2 levels is all I need. Two.
But for what? To say that I actually did it. That I wasn't a total alt-oholic and had billions of avatars without hitting the max level and finding out what the end-game was like. To set the record straight, had I not regressed and made (only one)a character of each class, I would have easily hit lvl 50 a while ago. It was just a really fun game that made nearly (I made a cleric but didn't get to play much of it) every class a fun and refreshing experience.

It does feel a bit empty having hyped Rift so much, and to only stop my journey at lvl 48, only 3 months in.
I feel that Rift didn't allow me to be too unique, I couldnt' really stand out in the crowd. The dye system wasn't the best. Mounts were relatively cheap when you got to higher lvls (and if you utilized the AH). Companion pets were a dime a dozen if you spent the time hunting/buying artifacts or doing Live Events or even rifted alot. I remembered the big guilds, but what did they really do, other than keep to themselves?
People seem to be much more in a rush to get that next shiney, than to help each other, shoot the breeze, etc.

What have I accomplished?
Met some great guildies and played with bloggers I follow.
Found a new game I could enjoy exploring with my girlfriend.
Discovered unique locations and unlocked achievements that (possibly I imagine) few gamers did.
Dominated pvp matches and was a vital part of a team when organized.

I'll phrase it like my girlfriend and ask: Is it bad that I place getting to max level higher than some of those other achievements?

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