Fortune favors the Brazen...

If you follow my blog and use my blogroll to access other blogs, you may have noticed I added a new one: The Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk.

Now not a gaming blog at all, but a blog I found incredibly interesting. Catchy titles to entries and engaging entries that suck you into it without requiring *ahem* photos or pictures.

I have a Xanga blog as well and I notice that some bloggers on there are really fake; it seems like they write fake entries that are meant to provoke people into commenting on their site, gain traffic and online notoriety. Many of us gaming bloggers blog because its our therapy, our calling and because we want to share our love of our games. The fakers write outrageous things for fame.

While Penelope has many outrageous things she says in her blogs, it doesn't give off the same vibe. Yes, she gets an incredible amount of traffic and provokes alot of people, but it seem genuine, un-filtered thoughts coming from her own head. She's quirky. She's just a real human with real faults but not afraid to say it.

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