Heroes 6 Musings

The Harpy attack animation takes too long
- it takes about 3-5 times longer than any other creature

Only one type of special resource? Chaos Crystals?
- I liked concentrating on different resources for different factions

Unique catapults depending on the faction
- spider-like design for the necropolis

More support creatures in Homm6; more healers (usually 3 heal charges), more ranged (looks like unlimited ammo).

The ability to convert enemy faction towns and forts when captured
- pay a small amount of resources and you no longer have a mish-mash of creatures

Taking over an enemy town, will turn over all mines to your control (atleast in this beta skirmish map)
- so no more having to get a secondary hero to steal them away
- but while the enemy holds their town, you cannot steal their mines

Some artifacts have requirements; Magic Heroes cannot use shields, while some artifacts require the Magic Affinity ability

Going from land to a boat doesn't take up a whole turn
- it looks like the Sanctuary faction has water-walking!

Each pre-generated hero comes without starting skills, so you can fine tune them the way you want instead of hoping you have access to them in your tavern.

Your tavern gives you access to all heroes in all factions.

Logistics seems to have a lesser impact/nerfed.

Different look to Phoenix
- at first I thought it was a Thunderbird. The fire shield on the Phoenix is DEADLY with stacks of +50/+100 creatures dying instantly.

- The Necropolis top tier creature has the ability to morph from a vicious melee creature into a spider ranged creature.

- The game likes to crash 3-4 turns before I win the game :P

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