I have a soft spot for the color red
Black Exalted? Doesn't make sense to me; I guess everyone except for the one (sucker) forgot to attack. Apparently quite a few people that like the Exalted mechanic.. I don't like it very much.. unless you have Trample and normally these type of creatures are low on the toughness scale. Exalted reminds me of the Ally mechanic but one that is very one-sided.

Anyways; I don't like the Wizards website as its sometimes hard to find the upcoming set's preview cards in one place. This was the best I could find right now.


  1. The best spoiler forum on the net is www.mtgsalvation.com; they have cards that have been spoiled through official AND unofficial channels.

    I agree, black exalted seems wierd. Exalted is also a mechanic that encourages players to make bad attacks (ie. attacking with one creature when more than one is the correct play).

    1. yeah; doubt ill be making an exalted deck :P

      i like spoilers that have pictures, even if all we're really interested in the stats, I still like to apply pictures to them ;)