Back from the Cottage

I should have written something, but I was celebrating mine and my gf's birthday with my annual week-long trip to the cottage this past week. It feels like it went so fast, but we did get alot done and celebrated it with the gf's sister and bro-in-law. Speaking about my the bro-in-law (lol; i always do that), he always bugged me into getting into Commander for Magic: The Gathering.. and he finally 'convinced' me by getting me two Commander decks for our birthdays. The Devour for Power and Political Puppets. Very cool gift :D

Pssst to my friends: lets make Commander decks ;)

Just a few links for some strategies/best practices for drafting and competitions which I hope to participate in the Return to Ravnica pre-release events with my friends:
- 'knowing the secret behind fighting the format'
- making your picks matter
- a teaser of what the Golgari guild's leader card will be in Return to Ravnica

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