Its that time again

After playing only a few matches, here are some reasons why Commander may be a multiplayer format you may enjoy playing with your friends:

More cards
- get to use some incredibly powerful cards and more frequently b/c you get to play more mana
- milling becomes less potent (in some ways) and beneficial for some decks

Longer games
- sometimes you don't get the right cards and the game is over pitifully early, in Commander, you get 40 life which can prolong a bad opening hand
- also people will be containing other threats and leaving you alone until you become a threat

Longer games equals more mana; more mana equals bigger armies
- armies can become huge

More different games
- with more cards and no copies, its possible to have more combinations/different battles each time

A bit more equal/parity
- that player that always has multiple copies *cough* of that incredibly strong and annoying card? He/she can only have 1 of that card now

Always get your commander
- unless you choose to, your commander can go into the command zone instead of gy or exile
- that means you can always play your commander card and as many times as you like


Its that time again.. Borderlands 2 will be releasing in almost a month.. time to start posting vids!

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