High and Mighty.. again?

Oh wait.
Who cares?

Its always interesting when you read up about players/guilds that boast of their dominance in PvP.. because their opponents are sleeping.

I understand the desire to always win; but winning at the cost of not having a challenge? 

In the heydays of Warhammer Online, it was the greatest rush to be part of a warband fighting for an enemy keep being defended by a strong opponent. The long battles, the running back after dying from the camp to the battleground. How boring it was when we were in Tier 3 and the majority of players were in Tier 4; RvR was stuck with joining a warband, attacking and taking a keep (guarded only by NPCs) in 5 minutes, waiting for the experience reward and then jumping to the next zone. All the while, your enemies are in the zone you were just in, recapping the keep you took from them.

I understand that strong servers will be matched up with equally strong servers in GW2. While I haven't played, or intend on getting GW2, I hope there is a system that can also tell whether one Server has just given up and thus reduces the rewards of the winning side. For 'winning' WvWvW because there are no opponents cheapens the experience.

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