Theros - Favorite Cards from the Set

I was looking at some all of the cards from the Theros set tonight and was really amazed at some of them:

1 mana for unblockable and a scry1? Thats pretty amazing. Has a cipher feel to it. Not crazy about the art, but it makes sense when you think about it.

Regenerate is typically pretty expensive on cheap/weak creatures, the Asphodel Wanderer is no exception. I do like the flavor text and the art though.

Once again, a cheap but powerful enchantment. I really enjoy the trample part. Fans of The Flash would enjoy this card.

I really like the art on this card; I absolutely love the colors used but moreso the helms and the fins at the back. Very Cool.

A great card for graveyard-themed (Golgari) deck; with enough creatures in one's graveyard, you could have a 10/10 in very short order. Give it hexproof/trample/unblockable and game over asap.

There are many artifacts and artifact creatures in this set! I think my girlfriend would enjoy the art of this card in particular.

Just when you thought that some artifact cards were over-powered, you get Colossus of Akros. I see it being put into ramp decks.. maybe a Green/Blue deck. Green to ramp, blue for hexproof and unblockable... wow. 20/20. Rage Quit.

I always enjoy strong and relatively cheap defenders; the art is pretty cool too. I like the right statue's tower shield which gets narrow at the middle.

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