Wedding Photography Observations

I was at a good friend's wedding last night and I thought i'd share some thoughts (photography-wise) from it:

- I guess (possibly unless you have a bride-zilla) most couples won't complain when you're up in their personal space b/c you're the professional photographer, but the ones I saw yesterday were uncomfortably close for my tastes, and it sucks for the guests b/c they block alot (when you have a team of 2 photogs and 1 videographer) of what is happening. Of course it is important to get the good shots, but I feel they were a bit too close at times.

- saying that, a telephoto lens would be very helpful for cases where the couple doesn't want you in their personal space. I was able to get rather good shots with my telephoto lens without the ability to get out of my seat

- outdoors under the shade is not always your friend. I don't know how the professionals will do it, but shade with sun is horrible for photos; the groomsmen for example were standing in a spot that was lit by the bright afternoon sun but also partially shaded by maple leafs. This created a very unflattering pattern of leafs on their faces, partially shaded, partially blown out by the sunlight.

- always bring a flash for indoor photography. As the night progresses, the lights get more dimmed and its harder and harder to get a good photo without a flash. Without one, the one real thing one can do is increase the ISO and I absolutely hate grainey photos.

My photos can be found here


  1. Those are beautiful pictures you made! And yes, very annoying if photographers run around everywhere very obviously, spoiling the moment for the people involved. Good to hear some are aware of this. :)

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