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Not much time for anything these days.. hard to focus on one thing alone.. Its almost December!

Anyways.. I gave in.. altitus has won the battle and i've created my female Dalish elven trap setting dual wielding rogue/duelist(mouthful!) in Dragon Age Origins. The elven mage I made originally and that is surprisingly been played for 35 hours (!!!!) doesn't even seem to be done yet, and though very powerful at the beginning, his power seems to wane at higher lvls. My rogue is made to set traps as nothing is more satisfying than watching a baddie die from a leg clamp trap. She's also made to do a ton of backstab damage, but when drawing too much agro, goes into duelist mode and possibly does even more damage! Rogues ftw!

Found at Arewenewatthis:

I love Shale... but don't like his basic armament..

I'm really enjoying the rigors of being evil in Dragon Age.. trapped prisoners, sick dogs, surrendering enemies, and dying werewolves all feel by cold uncaring blade.

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