I knew I forgot something when driving home from work today:
Dragon Age: Origins came out today!

Time is flying by! I thought it would be out in another week or so.. guess not.

Lots of reviews all over:
My main concern right now is whether I should get it for the PC or the 360..
Either the better control (i'm guessing) from the pc or the achievements (feed my unlock addiction!!) that I gain from the 360.. hard decision. An rpg game like DAO where you control more than one party member probably needs the precise control that only a PC can provide. But the achievements!!! Mass Effect played surprisingly well on the 360.. granted it was more of a shooter.. but this is more fantasy based.. hmmm..

I demand more achievements! (actually i want to play Borderlands some more)

Note to self: Mordern Warfare 2 in exactly 1 week.


  1. Go pc my friend, the editing tools are spectacular, and the graphics are also much more crisp. Modern Warfare 2'll give you enough achievements.

  2. Get it on the PC. Better controls, potentially better graphics (depending on your rig). And it's 10 bucks cheaper.

    I considered getting it for the PS3, but after having a couple large fights last night, I can't imagine how much longer it would've taken me to do the things I did with a gamepad.

    I'm loving it!

  3. I contemplated buying Dragon Age Origins but the demo for Left 4 Dead 2 came out today so I've been replaying the two demo missions non-stop. Plus Destructoid gave DA a meh review so it faltered my intent to go out and buy it.