What else? Borderlands

Heavens forbid I talk about anything BUT Borderlands until Modern Warfare 2 comes out.. lol

I like the map how it shows you where certain things are, such as vehicle stations, shops, etc. What Gearbox could have done to improve on the map was to have a mini map or a transparent map like in Aion (see, Aion DID do some good things lol). When I played multiplayer with my brother and we're driving around, I have to have my map pulled up so we can see where we're going; which defeats the point of letting me shoot from the gunnery pod.

Word of note, you can respec from this station; very cheap respec cost.. its like.. 5% of your cash, its nothing.

Just a pretty sight... well.. unique.. big skeleton face over there ;)
See how it says Treacher's Landing to the left? Thats a quick transit spot, that takes you to an instanced area for your quests.

What a rewards screen looks like after you complete a quest. I love the color scheme (and if i was more html inclined, i'd do something about this site..).. it shows how much money you received (tho most money comes from selling guns), experience and usually to the right of xp is any special gear you get from it (no choice of rewards tho... as far as i see)

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