Urge to make an alt.. RISING..

So its been over a week since the day of infamy:
I've been playing a bit of Specc Ops with my best friend Hunter and its fun.. but multiplayer is where it's at (I suck at SO as well). Whats odd, I get a 1:1 to 1.5:1 or even better kill ratio when i just play with him, but when I play with my brother and his friends, I am normally 1:3-4.. my brother dominates.. he's always atleast 2:1 if not 4:1.
I'm not doing it right. lol
I am having alot of fun using my riot shield.. shield bash! whoomp! Last game, someone threw a sticky semtex grenade and stuck to my shield, so i just ran at that person and it resulted in an assisted suicide.. sweetness..
Its hard to stop playing, and there are so many good games right now; this, Left for Dead 2, my Heroes 5 expansion, and Dragon Age (doesn't look like it'll ever end).

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  1. I hear two DLC's a year for DAO. There's a handful of content for playing the Dragon Age Journeys browser game too.