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There shall be no reviews of Modern Warfare on this site..
Except i'd like to point out:
- how extremely hard the campaign feels (I play on normal mode and get spanked frequently)
- multiplayer seems alot faster-paced than the previous

I'd like to file a complaint to Infinity Ward:
Why do you keep 'balancing the groups' by putting all the lvl 50's in the other team? We're all pug'ing ... so like 1 lvl 50 in one group and the other in the other.. the only time people have premades is when you're in the same clan. Every game, i'm against people at a minimum of 10-30 lvls higher than me (you play too much lol). The only consolation is that if i'm not dead last, as one of the lowest ranked people playing, i'm kicking someone's butt. Balancing is terribleeeee... fix it. (they won't)

So I saw this advertised on Kotaku the other day:


As a former senior keyholder at EB, ill comment:

Yes, the consoles are dirrrrrrrrty, never touch them. Too late? Go get yourself checked and wipe the slime off.

We aren't idiotic store clerks.. do you want to hold in your hand the box and see what the game looks like, the specs, and price? There are a surprising huge amount of people that aren't like me; I go to the store knowing exactly what i want, I don't even want to pretend i'm interested in anything else. Gimme gimme. But I may still want to check the box for the price and maybe the required speccs.
At the same time, sometimes Marketing doesn't provide enough materials to properly display the games, so we gotta use the originals. It's called impact marketing, so people see that you have a specific game and draws your eye. Why put a row of the same title instead of 1? What happens if someone puts the game in some obscure place?

EB pre-orders seems to be better these days, with special in game, items, characters and bonuses (ie. MUA2 Juggernaut, DAO: Golem quest), or even discounts. I would be grateful these days if someone told me of a special promo for a popular game for pre-ordering. I'm gonna buy the game anyways, and I only have to put 5$ down.

The Edge Card does save money on used games; and as long as its not super scratched, you're saving anywhere between 2-7 dollars.. which you can use to buy the warranty.
Warranties all depends on whether you'll play it for a long time and whether you'll treat your game with care, but i notice even with my games, they get nicked a bit and worse thing is to have a craving to play a game and can't b/c it's scratched.

We'd prefer not to rush to your face and ask you if you need help, but if you're from hq and we don't, we get sh!t. We don't get paid much, the turn-over is high, there is alot of work we gotta do and customers are obnoxious, lazy, ignorant, cheap (how could i forget that one?), and time consuming (20-30 calls whether you have a Wii, or asking for the trade in value of 10+ games). Add having to meet sales quotas, staying possibly till 2 for inventory nights and customers that comes 1 minutes before close and staying for half an hour and buying some cheapo game. And you wonder why there is a picture like:

So even if you've had a bad experience at Gamestop, just think that these are human beings too that take alot of crap and if they seem a bit distracted, it might be from one of those many reasons. Smile, be friendly and they'll realize the chipmunk cheeks they have and smile back.

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  1. Wait till you try Veteran. In Spec Ops.