Fighting the urge

To make an alt... ooo...

Taking out your first ogre.

Recently finished: Circle of Magi main questline
Currently working on: Getting the dwarves to join the war against the Blight
Class: Elven mage, Spirit healer/Arcane Warrior specced
Current party members: Leliana (specced bard/ranger), Alistair (specced templar/champion), Iggy (doggie with nice 30% physical resist paint)

Get the storage chest for your camp; its soooo helpful
Now I can save the money I used for increased backpack space and spend it on something else pretty like tomes that give stat boosts

If you want money, do those side quests. You get it as a reward, but I don't think you get bonus exp for completing it (like mmos); you do get the exp from the kills to complete it.

If you want a healer besides Morrigan, you can get Wynne from the Circle of Magi, BUT you have to do the whole questline to do it (may take quite a while), but if you're going there first, then all the power to you.
You'll save massive amts of health poultices with the heal spell.. i currently have 40+ and in one area, i was using them with reckless abandon b/c i was overweight ;)

Talking about the Circle of Magi, there isn't many item drops, but there are some very nice permanent stat boost shrines (around 5/6) instead.

Its all smokey in the fade (kinda like an evil dream land)

Interesting: when you turn into an arcane warrior, all the gear that had a strength requirement, now has a magic requirement instead! So you can wear that plate armor without problems... except for the huge fatigue restrictions (which make spells require more magic)

Needed Improvement:
The ability to see more easily what are the rewards you recv from quests

It will say: 'Item Received'

Looking in your inv you can tell whats new by a flashing outline of the icon of the item you recv, but if you haven't looked at your inv in a while, alot will be flashing.


Tactics tactics tactics..
Without them, your npcs will not be using their abilities,
nor will they heal themself or do things smartly


As a master shifter(mage) you can turn into a beaskarn.. a corrupt bear ;)

There are lots of npcs..
some are good, some are evil, they seem mostly good tho
i haven't played Sten, he's supposed to be a murderer.. but seems to have a sense of honor.. i guess just like Zevran.. but Sten sounds like he'd opt to do the good deed than the bad
We had an actual convo that went something like this: "why arent' you killing the archdemon, huh huh? you're wasting my time Grey Warden" ... so complainey!


Still haven't found out how screenshots work correctly..


The updater is buried in the install folder... silliness

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  1. The screenshots are saved in "My Documents". Anoying I know, took me a while to figure it out as well. It should be in My Documents -> BioWare -> Dragon Age.

    Print Screen takes screenshots. If you are still having trouble, may I suggest Fraps.