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Is anyone waiting for the new Mass Effect 2 game that is due out later this month?

I honestly.. have seen very little information from the various sources that I check on a daily basis (Kotaku, Game Trailers, other blogs). I probbbably intend on getting this game as well; though i'm currently playing Borderlands with Mordecai, my lvl 43 Hunter on his second playthrough and trying to get the achievement for a lvl 50 character (I expect it'll take me to the end of this playthrough to get to lvl 50 easily).

I surprisingly remember quite a bit from ME1; it was the first 360 game that I ever attempted to play on my own and actually see all the way to the end. Before I may have attempted some multiplayer of GoW or Halo (yuck) that my friends were raving about, but that I never got into enough to buy my own system. I loved it so much that even though I completed the game twice, I then bought it for the pc and completed another 3-5 playthroughs (i never do that. never).

I enjoyed the party system which enabled me to switch out party members without much fuss (similar to Dragon Age), I like the cover system which was fluid and didn't have me jumping from cover to cover accidently like in GoW. I liked how the guns didn't have ammo but a cooldown (similar to Erridian weapons in Borderlands). Was bag space unlimited? I don't remember.. but worse case scenario would just require me to melt down some equipment to omni gel which I needed all the time anyways.

Regenerating shields that was always a plus. Health.. I don't think that was regenerating.. but you could have alot of health packs, I don't remember extended fights requiring all my health packs. Having the freedom of going to any star system, explore, get goodies which translated into exp and money was always fun too. The characters were memorable especially Wrex. I liked the 'zoom' effect of when running, and the graphics were great as well.

In regards to storyline, its kind of like my mother's show, Columbo where we the viewer/player get to see who is the villian, and its up to th hero to figure out and defeat that hidden enemy. And the cut scenes were pretty impressive especially at the very end.

One thing of note; I do believe that the main chaaracter actually had dialogue which you could hear depending on your choice. None of this Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age, or any recent RPG's of note had the main character talking. Always mute. Always too shy to say anything. NPC's are mind readers in RPG games, dontchaknow?

What was annoying, which i really hope is fixed in ME2 is exploring planets in the MACO.. it was good at times, but others it was horrrrrible to maneuver or fight those sandworms. Maybe can I get a flyer/helicopter/vtol instead? Nah, they won't do that, but I can always hope. (Like Ted in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother; great show) Please less Maco, more ground fighting.

Will I get this for the pc or 360?.... i want the achievments (unlock addiction!!!).. but I feel badly for my poor computer that only really has Heroes of Might and Magic 5 to play consistently while I get over my Dragon Age burnout. Not to mention as long as I don't have issues *coughDragonAgecough*, if I get it for the pc, i'll be able to post good pics as well.

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  1. I have no desire to play the game (never played the first either), however one of my good friends helped make ME2 and he claims it will blow the first one away.