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Update: I don't think I suck at Magic: The Gathering... but even at the easiest difficulty level (mage), the computer whoops my butt 60+% of the time. Trying to get more cards for the fire deck, but pretty hard; surprisingly got the farthest with my White deck.. flyers, buffs, disables and holy day FTW.


Jace Beleren - blue mage desktop favorite

So, everyone knows, the new WAR patch notes are out; interesting stuff.

Coles note version (of what I read from other blogs):
- new pvp weapon rewards via scenario play and a currency

I thought of some possible scenarios that might be implemented:
1. Winners get all, losers get none
a) equal 'currency/money' for all winners
b) ranked by damage/healing or 'tangible' numbers solely
c) ranked by non tangible issues (providing buffs, or protecting the objective, capturing the flag) solely
d) both b and c

2. Winners and losers get equal amount
a) depending on their 'contribution' (via a formula of b&c from 1) all players would receive credit whether they win or lose the scenario
- this would be good when you're doing well, but your team (pugs) just suck

3. Winners and losers get unequal amount (winners more obbbviously, and losers less)
a) winners get equal amt but more than losers, and losers get equal amt but less than winners
b) winners get more than losers, in a ranked fashion by contribution
c) possible high contributing losers get equal/more than low contributing winners


Garruk Wildspeaker - your very cool maruader

If I was still playing, I would vote 3c b/c I believe that if you win, you deserve a bit extra. You've been in that scenario where you lose, but you're holding up the team.. its maybe 500-498.. 500-400 or someother number and not 500-10.. you deserve to get something for your efforts. Its for those times where the tanks hide behind your spawn lines, or the dps that won't venture out to get the healers.. you deserve to get something for your attempt. That is also intangible; your team is either not playing correctly, or doesn't know how to play and is getting slammed, and even though you know how to play, you're getting slapped around too b/c you're pugging or you're not a one man army. How to calculate those intangibles?

Obviously, if they don't include different queues for the pugs and premades.. i bet alot of people will want it to be option 1. <--they're not going to do that :P

I think most people (me too if I was to come back) would still rather that Mythic found a solution to end game pvp/rvr.. I remember at the beginning, it took forever to seige an enemy's capital.. and even then they didn't get far.. I say good luck Mythic.


Talking about scores (500-498), maybe that is how they would calculate the amt of currency that is granted. There can be a certain amt of currency that is granted for either winning or losing, and then depending on the amt of points the losing side had, dictates the amt of currency doled out once contribution is factored in.

<--Sorin Markov - vampire and black magic specialist


Lastly, weapons from scenarios; cool idea; better idea(?): different queues like everyone is talking about; a pugging queue and then a premade queues with different rewards.. that would be interesting. Show how powerful and skilled you really are by playing with people that aren't from a premade group.

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