Mass Effect 2 - Helmet Issue

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I wasn't outraged about the helmet issue, merely annoyed. I just felt the need to write about how disappointed I am with the recent Bioware releases. I'm a 43-year-old gamer; I'm retired so I game a lot; I've been gaming since 1979; I pre-order 99% of my games and typically buy all the DLC. I pre-ordered DA:O and ME2 collector's editions. With the recent false advertising issue related to the CE exclusivity of the cerberus network card, the issues with Return to Ostagar and the horrific issues with the DLC and character importer nightmares in ME2 it seems that Bioware has lost an opportunity to build upon its extremely good reputation.

...blah blah blah... [i just saved you two paragraphs of whining]

I can only hope that enough people fail to buy Bioware's next release so that they see an impact in their financial statements, which seems to be the only place they are focused these days. It saddens me that the quality of Bioware games has declined so dramatically but I honestly no longer expect anyone to take any pride in their work or care about providing a quality product to their customers.

Guess what? When the next big Bioware game comes out.. if they actually have the balls to 'boycott' the game.. they'll wait maybe a few days and eventually cave in and buy it b/c they're pathetic. When people boycotted Left for Dead 2.. did that impact the company? No. When people wanted to boycott Modern Warfare 2, did Activision cry? No, they were laughing at the top of their mountain of gold; the best selling game EVER! Grow up people.

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