Mad Moxxi Review

Get it, get it now.

Things to know:

800 points

This is Gearbox's attempt at the success of Horde/Firefight that was so popular in Gears of War and Halo ODST; 5 rounds consisting of 5 waves of enemies. Each arena has different monster types that spawn. Similar to ODST there are skulls (see: buffs/debuffs) that are applied to both the player and the npcs each wave which can change the way the game is played. Between waves, ammo and health is randomly thrown into the arena and at the end of each round, random gear drops from the central location.

You're able to solo but its hard. And if you can't get second wind, you have to start on the first wave of the round even if you were on the 4th or 5th.
No experience gained from killing enemies.
So far.. no proficiencies gained either from dlc (makes sense)
Exp IS gained when completing challenges, which is good for those times you are too weak for certain quests and are bored of grinding in the normal areas.

Yes! there is storage provided in the dlc!

When playing splitscreen (atleast), if one person accesses storage, it freezes the other person if they are in their own inventory screen.

The Good

The foyer of the Underdome

- great atmosphere; just like how everyone quotes Smash TV, you are a contestant in a unrelenting horde, if you're doing well, Moxxi will let you know. If you get knocked out she'll taunt you about that too, not to mention the sexual inneundo she makes is funny and follows the Borderland's humor

- love the music, some the best music i've heard in a game besides mechassault 2

- good drops; the first time i realized they dropped items under Moxxi, there were 2 green and 1 yellow(!!!) and that was just solo play; i can imagine so phat lewt

- made for team play, just like GoW/ODST, you need team work, otherwise you'll lose quickly

- strategy is needed, one can't just be guns blazing unless you like being in the penalty box

- penalty box; when you can't get second wind, you go to a high area in the game and are able to shoot out of it to help your team mates (so bring a sniper rifle or rocket launcher), and you respawn once the wave is done

- varied baddies; different arenas = different baddies

- lots of ammo drops; at the end of each WAVE, there is ammo/health drops in random places; not like GoW where people sometimes fight for a box/weapon drop, or ODST where you have to wait for the end of a ROUND to get ammo

- the storage area; who doesn't like storage space?

The Bad

Beat those baddies again and again to your heart's content!

- storage area; isn't linked to all your characters.. so you gotta transfer items the old fashioned way

- end of round drops; once the mini boss is defeated with adds, the tower that Moxxi is standing on drops weapons/gear and if you're at the other end and you're with pugs, they'll steal the gear before you

- if you didn't realize that the gear dropped from end of rounds, they then disappear.. or even worse: in approximately.. 8 full rounds completed (5 by my hunter and 3 by my siren), half the time some gear was stuck to the ceiling and you lost out on them (Dammit Gearbox!!)

- ammo and health drops bounces too far sometimes

- storage area; you have to spend money to get additional storage area (weak..)

Having to buy storage sucks.. especially when it costs 1million credits..


In the last wave, a mini boss comes out with adds for you to defeat as a mini climax.

Borderlands is still a great game which may never get the full attention it deserves. I've seen many complaints on the forums about it being too hard solo, but the response was and still is: Borderlands is made to be a multiplayer game and not pure solo.

So if you don't like pugging, or don't have friends *cough* .. to play with, this dlc may not be for you.

Otherwise, if you do have friends, don't mind pugging, want additional storage (!!!!!) or are generally have a good time with Borderlands, buy it. Buy it now! :D

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