The Past

This past week.. and hopefully for a few more days if you're interested, Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker was 50% off on XBox Live Arcade. Sitting pretty at 400 Points, it tempted me to re-live nearly a decade ago, when all my friends in highschool were obsessed with this complex card game.

When I told my younger brother Spiral that I purchased it, he laughed. And when he told his friend that I got it, he laughed too.

When I started playing the campaign, he didn't have anything else to do but watch. And watch he did. And he gave sound advice for the coming battles.

And then I saw a coop mode and invited him. Hook line and sinker, we played till 1 in the morning.

If you were always intrigued about the game, but never really found a way to get into it, maybe this might be your chance. Its fast paced, but simple enough to learn after a couple tries. The computer isn't too cheap and coop mode is alot of fun. The graphics on the cards is gorgeous, just like the actual card game.. actually i think its the same cards!

I wish they came out with a new 360 version.. I'd totally buy it.. easy money sink for microsoft by having additional special cards you could purchase. Currently it has so many dlc on the marketplace: themes, backgrounds, avatars, expansions, decks and ingame avatars. Tons.

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  1. Whoa, Magic! I think I had my phase for that in... eh, 1994? Followed by several other TCG, of which "Netrunner" (cyberpunk) was one of the more entertaining along with the ever-hilarious "Illuminati".

    I got here from Stillwater's place, if that wasn't evident already. :D THe shame of it is you're on my blogroll but not on my RSS feed -- and that latter is how I remember to keep up with people. Sorry about that! But it's been fixed, and you're being watched by my RSS-bots now!