Tome Unlock: Mad Moxxi

Found: The Underdome
Where: Hell-burbia, Angelic Ruins, the Gully

Its significantly easier solo.. tho I still haven't had the opportunity to play 4 player yet..

Reward: 1 skill point, cash and exp

Not much granted for the possible effort you need to put into it; but once again, lets think about ODST or Gears2.. there is no reward except the satisfaction of completing it and the possible achievement.
I always get so frustrated when I die in this.. I guess its because the difficulty curve sometimes jumps incredibly high.. and death in the Underdome sometimes will set you back an extra round, not just to the beginning of your current round. Once again, think about it, in ODST, if your whole team dies, the game is over. In Gears 2, you have to start the round again.

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