The author and many commentors complained how there is no point to playing this (DLC of Mad Moxxi & The Underdome) as there is no reward.

Trying my best to not sound like a fan boy myself, but more like devil's advocate, the question I pose then: was there a distinct reward for playing Horde mode in GoW or Firefight in ODST?
Answer: Yes.
1. there was for the fun of it (multiplayer strategy)
2. the variety of play (sniper, bunker , run and gun strategy)
3. the rare achievements

What Gearbox manages to add to this mix is:
4. loot and skill points

Granted it may not be super fantastic loot as people have seen (but have you played 4 player yet? I haven't and in the normal game I get great drops alone), and maybe we're applying more scrutiny on a game that has experience and lvls of loot.. but its exactly like GoW/ODST. And did we have that many people making the same complaint? I personally never saw it, but then again, I never looked at the forums and found these trolls. lol

God Hates Fanbois!!

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