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The next Borderlands?

In development by Id Software, the same makers of Quake and Doom...
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Added my Deviant Art link, Pat's and Soto's website links. All great photos found on each site. Give it a look if you have time =)

More cosplayers!

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This is another pay plan I was thinking that you don't see... or atleast that I haven't seen yet.

1.50$-2.50$ an hour
To the normal 15$ a month

So that comes out to approximately 6-10 hours a month..For people with limited game time; they can pay per hour they play. Great if you don't think you're getting 15$ dollars worth. Obviously the more hardcore players won't even need to look at this option.. though if the company wants to be flexible, they might work out a deal that a specific month they can change from subscription to pay per hour if say they know they'll be busy or on vacation and not have access to the internet/game. Also great for Weekend Warriors who save rest xp for when they have time to play.


Warhammer Online - Cross Faction Announcement

I'm a little late on
the subject, but I did write about it as soon as I read it, just too busy these days to get everything done at one time. I now have a Deviant Art account.. soo i'm gonna be even more busy ;)

Bad. Idea.
I generally would like to think of the positive side to new ideas/concepts.. but I can't really think of how this helps anyone..

More traffic on lower tiers
+ people would re-roll on the same server instead of taking people away from the server
+ these maxed out people won't be facing off against newly maxed out (lvl40) characters, making gear a bit more balanced
- T4 might not be as busy anymore.. possible more server merges?

Balanced servers
+ if a side is too dominant, the dominant people will go over to balance it, while the weaker side can go to the dominant side so they don't lose interest
- communication; there WILL be spying which kind of makes it unfair.. sure there may be spying anyways, but it will be more prevalent (even with lockout timers)
- if you have many characters, you may not have enough character slots

More interest in the game overall
+ losing all the time sucks, going over to the winning side is always nice, having a challenge is also fun
+ no one likes to move (servers), now you can stay on your familiar servers
- its cheap; you don't like losing, go to the winning side :P
- when I make alts, i tend to lose interest in my older characters, I have 2 DoKs, 1 Blackguard, 1 Sorc, 1 Magus and my current favorite: Squig Herder.. add some Order guys.. and i'll losing interest in playing Destro

After re-reading what I wrote.. there seems to be more positives to this than negatives. My main argument is that some people (ie: me) see's this as a cop-out/catering to some whim or just wasn't explained fully and I cross my fingers that it is implemented correctly. I've seen fantastic ideas poorly implemented all the time which resulted in catastrophe and this is not something the Mythic should mess up on. Yes, it sounds fanboi-ish but it isn't meant to; its mostly because a concept such as this cannot really be reversed. People will scream bloody murder if characters need to be transferred or even deleted.

If it has to be done, it has to be fleshed-out and implemented smoothly. Its never good to criticize without giving solutions, so this is my solution,
Shadowar is more knowledgeable in timer-lockouts than I am, but i'd go further and say 2 weeks, 14 day lockouts. If you really want to move over, you must stick with it for 14 days; no spying, no just-b/c-i-can-or-feel-like-it, no messing with the opposing faction. Make a commitment to your choice or either play on a different server or get another account.

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