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poor eb.
or more.
poor employees that got the flak.

EB in my opinion is a good company. I've worked for it at a local mall for nearly 4-5 years. It was a great learning experience, I met alot of great people and had alot of fun.
I always tried to be as honest as possible and found a way to incorporate it in an environment with high sales pressure. Sure one could not care about sales, but with many of the managers that I had, if you didn't sell, you got the friday shift, once every two weeks from 6-9 (good luck if you lived on your own). Thankfully in my early years, I was shielded from many unsavory and unethical practices so when I actually identified that people were doing it, that I didn't participate.

The emphasis now is probably the same as it was before: sell used games.We don't care about new games (unless they're launch day titles) or selling systems unless you're selling all sort of accessories and warranties on them. It makes sense; they want to make money, and those things make more money than just normal games.EB always have promotions to both get (get 50% more value/trade 3 get it for free)and sell used games(Edge Card).

I don't know whether these staffers knew the ins and outs of how the downloadable content worked; whether used game buyers were entitled to the download or not. I'm quite sure it was something that wasn't discussed and it wasn't brought up when someone on the bottom of the ladder thought it up. I would hope that they didn't purposely keep that information from them, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Many managers and district managers are only concerned about the bottom line and will do whatever is necessary to look good. I remember a day I had a store full of customers sitting on the floor b/c my manager falsely promised that the wii system would be in.. and it wasnt. I had people trying to open the big-box delivery of our PS3 interactive!

Sometimes a bit more proactive and constructive thinking is required as new concepts/ideas (downloadable content via new games only) are created and how it applies to current business practices.

I love scenarios.. on Ironrock it pops rather frequently in T4.. its normally rather even in regards to win/loss ratio. And thats me just joining PUG groups.. I would imagine and hope we'd win more frequently if I bothered to join premades. I'm trying to lvl my squig herder to lvl 40, right now he's lvl 37 and if I tried could get it to 40 in a few hours. I don't like joining groups being under lvled.. atleast I got a full Devastator set; I've never acquired a full set of gear except the very first one in T1.

I hate Orvr though. No matter how busy and organized it is, its boring. Its basically pve as far as i've seen. Running from one end to another, rarely meeting up against Order. And if we ever do see Order, we get wiped. I've spent more of my time in Reikland in the Manor objective hiding.... HIDING. Bah.

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