Precious Time

I want a new mmo to play.
I came back to Warhammer over a month ago and it was refreshing, familiar and shiny all at once.
Buuuttt.. I like the feeling of being brand new to the game world. Fresh and on a close playing field with those hardcore players. Though I may play with my guildies or alliance who are all very nice (case: some random alliance person gave my magus 2 pieces of high set gear b/c my friend told him I needed it. For Free.) , they are all closing in on renown rank 80. For those that are new or haven't been exposed to Warhammer, thats basically maxing out fully; there is no better gear than renown gear. That kind of rank means that person has played hundreds of hours easily, even if they've dominated and only have done pure pvp.
My best character is possibly only renown rank 30ish as I 'like' scenarios and 'dislike' orvr (for the frequency of it being slow and a waiting game) and it doesn't seem feasible that I'll ever reach even 50s in renown in even 6mths.

I love mmos:
- for the community
- for the exploration of the vast worlds
- for the crafting
- for the unlocks/achievements
- the character building, development and customization
- the persistent world
- the ability to play with many friends (more than 3-4)
- the attention to detail that the developers pour into via patches and expansions

I'm a tad sad as i've come to the conclusion that I don't think I can put in the hours any more into Warhammer and into a mmo. There is just so much one can do in one day. Gaming/relaxation is important and gaming can/is a hobby and shouldn't be knocked. But an mmo isn't something someone can pick and play imho. Sure there are casuals and casual mmos, but those aren't my cup of tea. I like to be the best or well known in the community. There is the career I must look for to be happy at work and to look forward to being at. There are the two blogs that I maintain. The digital photography that i've picked up which then includes touching them up and posting on blogs and Deviant Art. There are the books I read on photography (2), online sources that I use and even more books on self-improvement. This among many other RL responsibilities makes there so little time for whammer much less a new mmo. I look at some people around me and wonder how they make/find the time to game so much.. 3-4 hours a day? So much else can be done with that time.

I haven't logged into Xbox Live for over a month.
I tend to play Monster Hunter Tri only once a week, partially due to time restrictions, the other b/c my brother hogs the tv. The last time I played was on Sunday and for only half an hour, enough time for only 1 quest.
The last pc game i've played was Treasure Madness on Facebook.. which is just blasphemous.
Others are taking advantage of the time we spend in these virtual worlds and making leaps and gains in the real world. I don't intend on stopping, I just find that time has to be better managed as the world won't wait for us.


  1. World of Warcraft! Get that alt to 80 that you want to take to Cataclysm, low pressure, lots of fun, plenty of time.

  2. re - doug

    meh.. there is something about WoW that i can't bring myself to play anymore/again/the third time.. lol