Is it (spawn-camping) a natural part of gameplay, or should the impact be lessened whenever possible?

I was reading the article by
Vauleen on Nordenwatch, and he (?) talks about how the warcamp guards tend to be unresponsive and don't prevent spawn camping too much. I absolutely agree, either side Destro/Order can easily be spawn camped if one team is significantly weaker/disorganized/etc. I've played the scenario alot and you rarely see the guards move.. partially from good aiming, but also b/c they're really deep in the camp.

Fyi, I received an email that the Warhammer steins have been pushed back to August.. err.. this is not an mmo.. this is an mmo stein.. **shakes his head**

I love to push the enemy back to their spawn and keep them there. I rarely get bored of it, though there is less challenge to it and that can make it boring and sometimes if i was on the vent, i would suggest moving back and roar back to wipe them instead of just taking pot shots and taking one out at a time. Poor Tanks and mdps who are probably pretty bored. And I obviously hate it when i get spawn camped and wish our side would gather the courage to rush right at them and go for their squishies.. but that rarely happens.

The only solution I would have is for the game to be able to tell how many characters are behind a certain point and push the guards farther out or possibly create a roving group of guards similar to orvr infront of warcamps with high agro that would chase enemy spawn campers. Is it feasible? Well the game can tell where you die b/c your body drops in the general area, and the game can tell distances through spells both offensive and defensive. To make it tell where you are on the map, all stuck in your own camp, should trigger an event similar in quests or pqs to spawn some roving guards or to move them forward/increase their agro.


Poor Playstation..

Always left out of the party (only for 360 and PC). At first it was a 'ho-hum' reaction, but thinking about it more gets me more excited; Fable 2 was a fantastic game. Developers are normally passionate about their games, but the people at Lionhead seems especially fanatical.

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  1. Roving guards would be a good idea. Roving dragons even better!