Gotta Collect Them All

I've only bought a few collector's editions for games in my lifetime.. the most recent one I can think of is Warhammer Online.. came with alot of fluff (but I suppose thats what they all are).. what I liked the most was the art book and the comic book introduction.

I love Fable 2.. don't have the time to go back the original Fable, and totally plan to get Fable 3. Its coming out for both PC and 360.. and I love the PC... but i'd be missing out on the achievements (haven't touched the 360 in over a month).. and this

The article found here at

Patty, Soto and I went to Montreal the other weekend for a photo extravaganza and here is one of my favorites:

This was in the Old Port area; it was just so odd, all the streets were empty, the office buildings all darkened, and then there is this one window brightly lit in red.


Anime North in Toronto is FINALLY upon us. All the info is here.

Its this weekend, Fri-Sun. Different times each day.. either 35-40$ entrance fee and bring extra money for the prints (THA PRINTS!!! **droools**) Free parking at the back of most hotels. I'll probably be going on Sunday.

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