What is 25$ Worth to You‏?

Its not worth a unique fast mount.
It needs to be the fastest mount in the game EVER. Seriously. It also can't be 2% faster. It needs to be blazing fast. The fastest mount speed normally is 200% faster than running? Then that 25$ better get me a 400% speed mount. And there better not be any future mounts that come close to that speed. Only if it costs more than 25$.
And it better look amazing. I've seen those mounts Blizzard and Sony put out.. not impressed. Not for 25$ a pop. I won't rag on the two companies too much as they've got to make money, and if people are willing (and they are apparently) then thats great for the stockholders.. which I am. I just think that is not a micro-transaction, that is a big ticket item and as such should warrant good value for it.

People in the streets better cry out: "Mother*bleeper*, that is one crazy fast and sickest look mount ever in the history of time!"

What is 25$ worth to you?
If you think about it, its more than a 1 month subscription to your favorite mmo and nearly 2 months.
Its approximately the same price as a dinner at a restaurant, or a couple meals at a fast food place.
Its almost half the price of most modern mmo expansions.Its significantly more money than many dlc's found on Xbox Live.

For me, 25$ is worth more than just a mount.

..granted, i'm going to probably fork out $300+ for this

Tamron Nikon Telephoto lens 70-300mm


If you can't go to the Anime Convention in Toronto this weekend...

..get your cosplay fix


  1. Is that the f/4-5.6? if so, you can get it from B&H for 165 bucks.

    I just got a Canon 7-200 f/4 L this year and have been digging the crap out of it.

  2. yep; http://www.henrys.ca/289-TAMRON-70-300-F4-5-6-DI-N-II-NIK-62MM.aspx
    actually it looks like it's 200$+ still pricey; I also want to get a macro lens as well.. money money ;)