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Monster Hunter Tri Tactics
I remember first reading about Monster Hunter Tri that its different than other games as you could just take any class, charge in and spam your attack until the monster died; you'd have to use tactics, learn the monsters tendencies and movement and counter them. I thought that was very novel and wanted to see that in action.

They were telling the truth.The monsters will have their own habits and move accordingly, but not in a way you can do it without thinking/in your sleep.
For example:
There are little frilled monsters called Jaggi's a little smaller than the average human which are opportunists as they don't charge in but circle around the player and try to attack when they aren't paying attention. If you advance on them slowly, they may jump back. Sometimes its only once, but sometimes i've seen them jump back three times to avoid me.

Yes, there is a Murloc stein from Taverncraft..

There are herbivore dinosaurs that if you attack them/their herd, if they're able to they'll try to run you over or run away to a new zone.

'Little' (size of a dog) insects that will gather honey/mushrooms from closeby nodes will go back and forth. If you attack a friend, the insects nearby will come and attack you and if you wipe them out, future insects that spawn will automatically be hostile to the player.

Learn your monsters and attack accordingly!

A different kind of game

Encounter enemy!
Enemy defeated!
Rinse & repeat

One thing about many games is that your first time attacking a monster is exciting and new. Hopefully.
Playing a few more times, you'll find out what special abilites it has and learn to expect or counter it.

Oh, hey Taverncraft, instead of making Murloc steins, why don't you go make my Warhammer stein! LAZY!

And thats about it.

Is it odd, that whereas you have a plethora of skills, your enemy has their typical normal attack and then 1 special attack?
They either:
- poison you
- knock you down
- daze you etc
Its nearly always only one different attack. And whereas we may like to skirmish and run around (though it may not make a difference), the enemy will just stand in one spot and duke it out you or it goes down.

And while if we get low on life we'll try to run away but also still attack.. enemies don't tend to do that. A smart enemy would cast a net/adhesive to slow/stop movement and then run away or heal. Nope.

I'd like a monster to have a larger array of attacks which will keep me guessing or atleast switch up my attacks.

That IS a cool head..

Monsters tend to just mill around, not having any other purpose than to be defeated by you for your quest. How convenient. I like how in Monster Hunter Tri there are these little mobs called Altaroth which are able to tell where the nodes of resources are to feed on. They are atleast doing something instead of just standing in one spot or pacing around; its a different kind of patrol. What makes it different that other games where there are mobs that patrol is that there is a reason you'd want to wait for the Altaroth to go to the node and feed on the resource (so it drops a special item), whereas taking out a normal mob al a WoW is only to dictate the plain of battle.

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