Sales sales sales!

If you're like me, you don't trust buying things online and dont' like downloading large files b/c it takes a freakishly long time.

That is still the same today but I have started using Steam.

I normally would never use such a system unless forced to (a la DRM and say Dragon Age/Mass Effect 2).. but when seeing they have a massive sale on tons of titles till July 4th, I had to take a peek.

And it had on sale, X-Com: Terror from the Deep for 3.74$!!!!!! And not only that game, but every other X-Com game they've ever made for that low low price! I broke down, made an account and bought the game. It's already crashed once (not impressed) but for that price.. its worth it.
Take a look, you might find some oldie that you haven't played in 10 years.. buy it and realize you threw out the strategy guide a few days ago b/c you never thought you'd play it again..

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  1. If you want some really classic games, then you might want to try out good old games (gog.com) Their selection is pretty diverse for old games, and there's no DRM. :)

    Also. Your wishlist says Final Fantasy SIXTEEN instead of FOURTEEN. :D