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Yep. If you click on "View Blog" while in the editor, it will take you straight there without asking you whether you want to save or post your current work. And the editor just saved what i'm writing now and I can't go back to my draft... /sad panda

So what had I written from scratch?

I'll develop a new players guide for Monster Hunter Tri (MH3) as after reading the Wikia, it made alot of sense. Instead of running around with no clue, I've found direction. Its unfortunate though, I feel that knowing what to do has taken the fun out of the game, sure I didn't know what the skills did, but that was the adventure. I didn't know what the weapons or armor would look like, where to get the materials, how to complete certain quests.

Pro-tip: sharpness in MH3 dictates whether you'll get a clean slice into the monster or whether you'll bounce off them.


I won't post the pictures, b/c as good as MH3 (Monster Hunter Tri) is, alot of people will write it off because of the graphics. Yes the graphics are fugly compared to today's standard. But give Capcom credit, they're working with the Wii, I can't think of any realistic game that looks good on the system.

I'll reiterate that this is a great game:
- gameplay; many different ways to play, each weapon lending a different approach for taking on monsters
- computer AI; the monstesrs, they're smart. They will gang up on you, go on all sides.. rush you.. and when hurt, they'll run away
- online play; after you learn how it works per
my previous entry, its fast, i've only been disconnected once and it is fast to join another server
- linked gaming; feel like questing on your own, play single player, feel like tackling bigger quests, use that same character and go online
- live events; like Warhammer, there are weekends/weeks with special quests with special rewards

One of my favorite features of MH3 that I didn't realize till last night (granted I've only put about 12 hrs into the game in over 3 weeks), is how there are weapon trees. In MH3, you can either buy stock/base weapons from a vendor or go to the blacksmith and forge weapons (the same one or better versions). The weapons you buy or create can then be upgraded to either "[original name of weapon]+" or "[new name of weapon]". The upgrades eventually branch out to become different weapons, so even if 2 people started with the same weapon, they may end up with totally different ones later on.

For example: There are two initial swords:
Iron or Bone
- the difference between the two are mostly with damage, and durability

The upgraded version increases their damage and durability

But after that, it branches out to different kinds of Iron and Bone weapons; some will have great durability (probably Iron swords), while Bone swords will have greater damage. And they will look vastly different: your iron sword will look more like your traditional swords, while the bone sword will take on the personality of the materials you use. You'll see how the materials you needed to upgrade the weapon is reflected in the weapon, so you needed feathers for the sword? There will be feathers on your upgraded weapon then!

I absolutely love this feature, you and your gear grows; its not a simple game of switching gear when you find it. You must spend the time gathering materials and money to be able to get certain gear. Magic, Rare, Epic, Legendary? Stats? All you need to know is the upgraded item is better but you don't need to think about whether one is better than another; there are differences in types of weapons, but when you have the opportunity to upgrade, its always a good thing. Dont get me wrong, there will still be stat management and many times you'll be looking back and forth, deciding between whether the Hunter Armor is a better fit than the Bone Armor (reminiscent of the times in UO!). It just seems more natural to upgrade your existing gear not through replacement, but by adding materials to it and reshaping it.


Oh, and i'm extremely pleased, I finally got my telephoto lens!

Nikon 70-300mm AF 1:4-5.6G
I'm adventurous, but sometimes I don't want to intrude on other people's privacy/get in their face. This lens will fix that.. super zoom! :D

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